A Complete Guide to Cypress Storage Options in Texas


Brennen Durka
June 6th, 2022

An average American home has over 30,000 items in it. However, when it comes to storing excess items from your property, you may be wondering where to put them. What storage options exist? What should you know before you book a self-storage site? 

A storage facility is the most effective place to keep your items safe. This is because they are built for purpose and use advanced technologies. You can ensure that your goods are safe and accessible to you.

Read on to find out all about Cypress storage options and what you should be looking for when comparing types of storage city-wide.

Storage Size Matters in Cypress, TX

The average storage unit size is 10x10x8 feet which will hold house goods, including furniture. It is the ideal size if you are planning to renovate. However, there are other sizes available. Take a look at the ones below to determine the most appropriate. 
  • 10x15: can hold contents of a two-bedroom studio
  • 10x20: space for a four-bedroom apartment's contents and a vehicle
  • 10x30: will fit house content and a car
We know that choosing the perfect size is essential to homeowners. Therefore, you can use our online size calculation tool to identify the exact storage size you'll need. Using the calculation tool means you won't overspend on extra storage or run out of space. 

Cypress Storage for Boats

If you enjoy boating in Cypress, TX, you might be looking for boat storage. There are various storage options for boats if you don't have space and security on your property.

Storing your boat at an indoor storage facility will protect it from damage when not in use. In addition, some insurers offer discounts for people who store their boats at professional facilities.

Your boat will be raised onto a metal holding unit with other boats at a dry-stacked storage site. For this option, your vessel must be under 13 tonnes. It will be challenging to have regular access as most facilities require at least a two-hour notice period. 

The third option is to store your boat in a covered parking facility for easier access. Our largest covered parking lot in Cypress, TX, is 12'x70'. You will have regular access to your boat to check it for repair or maintenance work while in storage.

You can also take advantage of our boat wash station, charging, and dump sites. 

How to Store Items Safely

No storage facilities in Cypress, TX, will permit flammable items onsite. Therefore, removing all gas, batteries, and other risks from your vehicles and household items is important. 

We recommend making a color-coded list of your storage items and a map. Store items correctly to ensure they remain in pristine condition.
  • Mirrors, art, pictures: secure in bubble wrap and stand up
  • Books: insert paper towels between each book in a box and add a moisture pack 
  • Leather Shoes: put acid-free paper in the shoes and store them in a plastic box
  • Clothes: separate fabrics, secure in clothing bags, and put into a plastic box
  • Furniture: deconstruct, bubble wrap, and store together

Climate-Controlled Storage Units

You should consider a climate-controlled storage unit if you have valuable, delicate, leather or furniture items to store. It will minimize the risk of mildew and add further protection.

Our summers are a hot 44°F, but our winters are a snap of cold. The temperature fluctuations may negatively affect books, leather, and furniture. For example, a book may become brittle and faded, creases and cracks will appear on leather, and wooden furniture may warp. 

However, climate-controlled units are expensive, so you can also protect your items with moisture packs in a standard self-storage site. 

How to Choose Cypress Storage Units

Your ideal storage unit will depend on your budget and the items you plan to store. However, safety is of the utmost importance. Therefore, to ensure you choose a reputable storage facility, here is a list of the key things to inquire about. 


You will be entrusting the facility with your valuable items so ask about CCTV, whether the reception is staffed, and unit locking systems. Check how many CCTV there are and if your unit is within their viewpoint.

At our facility, we cover the grounds with 24-hour digital surveillance. Our facility is also full-fenced for added protection.


Choose a facility whose opening times match your schedule. For example, some sites may be 24-hours, while others are open for set periods. If you choose 24-hour access, consider what could happen if you encounter a problem at the facility but are alone.

Although our office hours are 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays, and 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, our access times are longer. For example, you can gain access to your unit from 6 am daily. You can also speak to the team about 24-hour access.

Facilities and Services

If you plan to store a boat, you will need access to additional services. As such, you should look for a facility that includes washing sites and covered parking lots.

In addition, people storing RVs should request RV trickle charging facilities, such as the ones we have for clients.

Packing all of your items for storage is time-consuming, and you may run out of supplies. As such, look for a facility, like GreenFill Storage, that allows clients to buy boxes and tape from the offices.

Cypress Storage Can Make Your Life Easier 

Whether you're planning a reservation, moving home, or own too much, Cypress storage can give you the space you need. As a result of decluttering, you'll feel less stressed.

If you are storing a vehicle, you'll enjoy peace of mind that it is under 24-hour surveillance. So, talk to us, your local Cypress, TX, storage specialists today and find your perfect unit for your storage needs.

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