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Living on the Road


Living On The Road: A Checklist For Road Trip Enthusiasts Very few things in life can compare to the thrill that comes from embarking on a road trip. The unadulterated feeling of sunshine washing over you, hair whipping wildly with an assault from the wind, and the sense of calm that can only be derived from taking on the open road is unmatched. For others, the advantages garnered from a few road trips just aren't enough, so they opt instead to pack their homes, mount their RVs, and live life from one zip code to the next. No more are people being tied to archaic tradition laid out by society to dictate when and how they live. But like everything else in life, before you undertake your subsequent open road adventure, preparation is paramount. Nothing stands truer than the adage "If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail," and this applies tenfold to road tripping or living on the road. Before you map all the sunsets and national parks you intend to witness, you need a checklist that covers your essentials and those of your vehicle. After all, you can only truly have a great time when you take all the necessary steps to maintain safety. Nothing turns a roundtrip from frolicking to despair as quickly as circumstances that effective planning could easily avoid. The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist For You Clothes - Now, while this may be an obvious no-brainer, many road trippers still fall prey to ineffective pacing. As a rule of thumb, don't pack for where you are, but instead, for all the possible places you may end up. Weather is fickle, and temperatures can change on a whim, so it's prudent to pack a wide variety of clothing items. Light, airy, comfortable clothing for more humid temperatures. Thicker insulated clothing for the colder weather. Additionally, you never know when you will come upon ...

Brennen Durka
December 9th, 2021