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When is a Storage Unit More Than a Storage Unit?


When is a Storage Unit More Than a Storage Unit? The excerpts below are from an Interview, March 23, 2021 with: Mike Howard, Managing Member, AKA Partners Adam Ibarra, CFO, AKA Partners; also co-owner of Michele Beck Accounting and Rickey Chavez with Gary Greene Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. How GreenFill Storage Centers Create Value For Our Customers, Investors, and Communities We Serve At some point every consumer asks, “What has my storage unit done for me lately outside of storing my stuff?” Mike Howard, the CEO of AKA Partners, the parent company of GreenFill Storage has some answers. Increasing Value to our Customers Mr. Howard: Asking the question “when is a storage unit more than a storage unit” is not a philosophical conundrum to ponder. It’s more of a pragmatic query. A majority of people think of a storage unit as only consisting of four walls, a garage door, a floor and a roof. This logic seems straightforward enough; however, it’s not that simple. Take the roof for example. We see the roof as much more than the structure that protects the customers important contents from the elements. We see it as one of our greatest assets. Let me explain. When you add solar panels to the top of that roof, the sunlight generated power is produced at a fraction of the cost of purchasing it from the local utility company. We pass these savings on to those who store their possessions with us with budget-friendly rates. Our panels generate most, if not all, of the electricity needs of the storage facility. This solar energy can be a tremendous benefit considering the high demand for climatized storage space. We make this temperature-controlled environment affordable, which can be a considerable cost savings when you consider the amount of electricity that type of space uses. This is a huge selling point for customers who are storing items that cannot be replaced, such as photos, keepsakes ...

Michael Anderson
May 7th, 2021